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Gift List [Dec. 21st, 2004|09:31 pm]
This is a little list of the presents I am going to give this year:
  •  An amazing three faced doll, to play the whole "Little Red Riding Hood" story: It is hard to describe, but she has two heads, like this o+<>+o, a dress that is red on one side, blue on the other, which you can choose to cover either one or the other doll. On one side is Red Riding Hood, on the other are the grandmother and the wolf. Yes, the second head has two sides, and you can cover either one or the other head with a hat. I think this gift is rather amazing… I may offer it to myself ;-P but I think I will just buy a second one, and offer it to a specific nephew, or his parents.
  • A flower press, for kids, with a ladybird and snail theme. I know one of my sisters would like her boy to have one, because she loved that kind of things when she was a kid. 
  • "Angry Housewives eating Bon Bons" by Lorna Landvik for my little sister who wanted an uplifting book describing her situation (or the one she preceives herself to be into, as she is not a housewife (she works and in quite a good job)). 
  • A book called “The wicked history of the world” by Terry Deary and Martin Brown. I will offer it to one of my nephews (my godson) whose father is in the army and whose mother (my sister) is a devout catholic. I know they will be shocked. In fact, I liked horror stories when I was a kid, and while I think the book is a bit “gross” (it details all the horrors people inflicted over each other through wars and other niceties over the centuries), it is very English too, in that they seem to consider all that with ironic and rugged detachment. 
  • A  CD compilation of songs by Beth Orton, "Pass in Time", for one of my brothers whom I know will like the singer (she is amazing) + salt and vinegar chips because you don't find them in France and he is a fan.
  • A T-Shirt with a “The Distiller” theme for my little brother. I am not sure he likes them, but he will like the T-shirt, that I am sure of.
  • Crackers for everybody, like last year.

I also participate in

  • A gifts for my parents (probably a subscription to a golf journal + a book in the Pleiade collection (luxury books with the complete work of one author on bible paper, as it is a tradition to offer one to my father every year). 
  • A gift for my elder sister (the one with many kids, we offer her and her husband a week-end for themselves in a nice B&B while one of us takes care of the kids).
  •  I do not have to bring gifts for two of my siblings, because they are abroad (overseas French territories), I will simply send them postcards and give them a gift next time I see them. 
  • I also bought a small soft ball and a checkered mouse for the cat I was sitting for and I will bring back some cheese from the Alps for friends here and maybe some Calvados if I find some.

I am leaving tomorrow my friends’ house as she is coming back from NY and I am leaving for vacation in France. I will move to my new, awesome house (I signed the contract today) when I come back. I will miss this place, and will miss the cat too (but I will adopt one).


This next year is going to be nice. This past year was OK, even though I lost a lot of time and didn’t pursue my objectives with the strength and the will I would have liked to apply. I will keep on trying to prioritize, i.e. be conscious of what I really want to do, what I really value, and then, work in that direction, even if I don’t believe I can make it.


I have done so with renewed application in the past three months and I am feeling better. I am really glad anyway at how lenient life has been to me up to now. I think it gave me a lot I didn’t deserve, and those presents were always received by me with much surprise and astonishment. I am wondering when life will tire of giving me my chances again and again. Not that I don’t take the opportunities it gives me (though I could do more with them), not also that I can be overwhelmingly proud of what I did do (in fact, I do think I am a complete nothing compared to so many people around me or in the news whom I admire). But I am grateful to life because it never broke me to the point of not being able to rise up again, and I am grateful because it always let me dream. Now, maybe it will wake me up, and maybe that will be a good thing? Who knows?


Happy Christmas for those who celebrate, Happy Holidays to the others, and happy New Year to everybody.


[User Picture]From: loreeley
2004-12-21 03:12 pm (UTC)
That three-faced doll sounds really wonderful. I can picture endless hours of amusement for whoever will have the pleasure of being presented with it. And your buying a present for the cat made me smile. That's very kind.

Congratulations of signing your contract and have a fun time with your family and a very wonderful Christmas.
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[User Picture]From: saravana
2004-12-21 03:33 pm (UTC)
I was happy to find it this morning, in some real good gift shop for kids.

A multi-faceted doll!... That struck my imagination.

Have fun too, I hope your work at that homeless shelter goes OK.

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