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Christmas!!! - Le Journal de Saravana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Christmas!!! [Dec. 20th, 2004|09:48 pm]
It is starting to really feel like Christmas. I love Christmas, how people start being completely distracted thinking of what gifts they will receive, how you have lots of soothing happy music in the stores and nobody can be rude and you also try to be nice, how the air becomes colder and drier, how you get to enjoy a sunset at 4pm, the special kind of light, the animations in the streets and you seem to be the only one noticing them, the choirs and skating rinks, how people hurry home with packed gifts, hot wine parties at 5pm, meeting at the restaurant around a cup of chocolate, leaving the year behind and not worrying, staying up at night until 3am and waking up at 6am because you are so excited, also how you get to travel all over the place and never know who is going to be there or not and you plan everything at the last minute but everybody is nice about it and there is always somebody who takes charge, how you get to meet most of the family and phone people who couldn't come because they are far far away abroad across the oceans, exchanging pictures and everybody showing off, one a new baby, the other a new job, the last some gadget, and there are the ones who try to re-assert themselves and change their image, and others who are cool and observe all that with detachment, I also love how you always get the same role year after year (I am tree decoration specialist), how you freeze over in the huge cathedral, how you make the same jokes over and over about the liturgy, how everybody at one point or another is like a little child and there are lots of little kids around too. I really like Christmas. Best time of the year.

Unrelated: I have to learn how to handle compliments. I do so with the most utter ill-grace, first very self-conscious, then wondering what horrible scheme is behind that praise, or discarding it by downgrading the flatterer in my mind. Then there is the second wave of embarrassment, when I think how badly I handled it, and may have hurt the other person’s feeling. All in all, I must acknowledge that some praises are truthful and play a role in making relations go smoother. And praises do not all have an ulterior motive, thinking so is simply the result of my over-inflated ego. Paradoxically enough, I do am becoming better at expressing pleasure at being with other people; I do enjoy seeing others pleased that I enjoy their presence.

Interesting story: Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Play axed after Sikh protests: "The Birmingham theatre attacked this weekend in a violent protest by Sikhs today announced it was ending the run of a play that depicts murder and rape in a Sikh temple. Stuart Rogers, the executive director of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, admitted that the play's closure amounted to censorship, but said he had a duty of care to staff and audiences. A performance had been scheduled for tonight.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti's drama Behzti (Dishonour) sparked violence on Saturday night when Sikh protesters clashed with riot police outside the theatre as a production was in progress. Her play was suspended and the audience evacuated as clashes outside caused thousands of pounds worth of damage."