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Reality [Nov. 19th, 2004|08:52 pm]
I swear there are some conversations I should record.

I was at the market this morning, after visiting my future new house (of which I talked in my latest post) and took a late additional breakfast there (whence I discovered what egg rolls were: basically, a fried egg inside a bread roll. I quite liked that. So there were a group of people (mothers and their boyfriends) apparently out of a consultation at the NHS and the woman was reading an article apparently given her by the practician to inform her about the heart ailment of her kid, and she was like “You see, those articles, those diagrams, they don’t represent reality, this is not what I am living”. But of course, she said it a lot better, and even if I had recorded it, it would take me hours to get it right in writing…

I worship conversations… the art of writing conversations: it is so incredibly difficult to get it right. Of course, you don’t want the real real deal, but you don’t want to make mistakes either, and you are always scrambling to find a reference that proves you right, or tells you how to put it.


Next time I bring my tape recorder.

I saw “What’s up Tiger Lilly” of Woody Allen recently (basically, putting an original dialogue into the mouth of actors in a very bad B-movie) and it induced me into the strange impression of being disconnected from reality. Everything took up two dimensions, one what you see, the other how you transcribe it in your mind. In the same way as in the movie, you superimpose the movie and its interpretation by an outside viewer who imagines what the actors are saying.