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Voice [Oct. 24th, 2004|09:19 pm]
I recently went through a voice workshop. Very well organized. Good instructor. It was quite amazing to discover some unknown possibilities in my vocal chords. We weren't even 'singing', only each one of us playing with its vocal cords going up and down the scales. That was quite beautiful, each person has its own tone, coming from the whole of its body, and it reveals a lot.

I tried to replicate this at home, and while I didn't yet get the new routine up OK, my voice was much clearer, true and stronger afterwards. Love it!

Today was French radio listening day. It has been a while now I have been away, and I found a radio at my friend's house that picks up the signal from major French radios perfectly. Oh the lovely voices! I am becoming nostalgic... I don't like France or the French so much, and my blogging writing style in French is not too good (I don't like to talk about myself in French, even though I did have journals in French before). But well, I am becoming a bit nostalgic. It is a matter of not losing one's roots.