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Le Journal de Saravana

The ruminating yoga cow

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anthropology, arguing, asanas, asking for directions, aspirin, bagels, being attentive, being better than everyone, berkeley, birds, bivouac, blind love, blood, bright cute women, bright eyes, bright ideas, bryn mawr college, calins, calvin and hobbes, cameras, camping, carpal tunnel syndrome, cities, climbing, clothes, clowning around, collar bones, collarbones, compos mentis, creative writing, creativity, cunnilinctus, cunnilingus, debating, demonstrations, discussions, douceur, dr pepper, dreaming, dreaming awake, eating her out, ecology, economics, escalade, espagne, existential philosophy, fines filles bcbg, fluff and puff, game theory, ghost world, google, greens, greyhound, her body, hiking, homeless people, human behavior, human behaviour, i-me-myself, inde, india, instant decaffeinated coffee, internet addiction, ishvara, janis joplin, journalism, journalisme, lethargy, lights of the city, livejournal, lj friends, looking beyond, lucid dreaming, me, meditation, milk, moi, mon corps, montagnes, moon on a stick, mountain, mountain hiking, mountaineering, mountains, movie theaters, movies, my body, myself, newsgroups, nice smells, on the road, pakhandi, palimpsest, penser, pentax, philadelphia cheese, philosophie, photo, photographie, photographs, photography, photos, poems, poetry, political systems, pretending to be french, primal scream, procrastination, protests, pussy licking, quiet, quiet city afternoons, road trips, screenplays, seagulls, sex, she-bear, sleepless nights, slow comfortable screws, social sciences, spontaneous poetry, street, street photography, streets, sueur, super mellifluous, sweat, sweat and blood, talking, the liberal media, theory, thinking, thoughts, typesetting, typing, typography, united states of america, usa, vegetarianism, vibrators, vodka, walking, watching people, women, womyn, writing, writing posts, yellow lined pads, yes, yoga