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Stupid girl [Dec. 19th, 2004|10:21 pm]

This is the cover of a leaflet distributed by the YWCA in the UK as part of a campaign to help pregnant teenage mothers. From their website:

YWCA England & Wales - women changing lives for 150 years: "The National Opinion Poll, carried out this summer, shows how people's strongly held views on young mums are more often a reflection of ignorance, misunderstanding or prejudice than the facts.

Comparing the poll's findings against a bank of research, statistical evidence and information gained directly from young mums and the people who work with them, YWCA separates myths from reality.

The charity is now mounting a campaign across England and Wales under the banner RESPECT young mums, which aims to end the poverty and prejudice faced by them."

On the inside, they go into the exposition of some prejudices teenage mothers face, and why those are based on a false perception of reality. Basically, they use a shock tactic by playing on a stereotype and then debunking it. And I don't like that! It assumes people are idiots who think of pregnant mothers that way ("slags", "tarts", "slappers"). I don't see why they have to assume people are stupid, and why they feel the need to shock people who do not need to be shocked. I also think this is counter-productive, because people who DO think teenage mothers are irresponsible and stupid will certainly not change their attitude with that single leaflet: it will seem obvious to them that the leaflet is partisan and does not provide objective information.

In short, the sole effect of their leaflet will have been to anger people and insult teenage mothers. I understand they have a limited advertising budget and must maximize its impact, but shit! Why use it in such a way! OK, OK, I may not know enough, and after all this is their organization and they are free to do what they want, but I hate hate hate seeing insults printed like that, even if the aim is to show how outrageous those insults and preconceived notions are. *pissed off*

I do hope they get lots of money though. Best of luck to them. I think what makes me angry is to think that they are right, and there are people who do have such disrespect for teenage mothers. It enrages me. And I hate being bundled with that kind of crappy people. Sure, my inconvenience is not an argument, but... sheesh...

PS: You should go read their website. The point is: Yes, it may generally be better to be pregnant later, but there is no reason to punish teenage mothers and make their life more difficult + This campaign comes in addition to governmental programs to promote contraception, it is not an alternative and does not promote teenage pregnancy. It simply tries to limit the adverse consequences of that pregnancy for both the mother and the child.