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Bournvita community info. [Oct. 6th, 2004|08:57 pm]
bournvita is a new poetry community concept on LiveJournal:

The rule for posting here is very simple: you have to show what inspired the poem you are posting. That explanation must be consequent. One line is not enough.

The inspiration may be a journal article, a picture, a poem, a book, an experience, a day in your life, a situation, a building... just tell us, and whenever possible, provide a link to it on the web.

There must be a real tangible link between what you say inspired the poem and the poem itself, and you must make available to us as many elements as possible on what inspired the poem.

If for example, the inspiration was a poem, and you rewrote it, this rewriting must reflect significant changes from the original, but the original must still be recognizable under the changes you made.

GIVE CREDIT TO THE PEOPLE WHO INSPIRED YOU If for example your rewrote the poem of a Livejournaler, this credit must consist at least in giving the LJ name of the original author.


The aim of this community is to be a creative workshop, which ought to generate a sort of collective poetry, the result of the work of many people. All we want is to know who belongs to that creative sphere that floats around your mind.

You may want to read the original manifesto of market poetry that led to the creation of this community and the principle it is based on.


To join Go to the top of this user info page, and read the blurb there, where they say, "to join, click here". Easy presto, no?


If you want to talk about poetry and read some prose on poetry, go to about_poetry!


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